Wednesday, March 20, 2013


distal part of my arm

Proximal part of my arm

Where I have not lost skin, the blister and the other parts of  darkened skin will eventually come off as it is dead burnt skin.

I am not doing this blog just to gross you all out! I am doing this blog just to alert everyone to the dangers of wearing clothes made mostly of nylon. Sunday afternoon after Chads birthday party and a nice dinner, about 3 pm I decided to do the dishes but I was kind of tired so I went to the microwave to heat up a mug of leftover coffee from the morning. I put it in for one minute, I have done this temp for years, hot enough but not too hot. Well due to being kind of tired, I bumped the mug and spilled in on my left arm. I immediately went to the sink to put my arm under the faucet for 20 min. (recommended time for any burn as a burn keeps burning) I had never experienced pain so quick and so severe and when I went to take my sweater off alot of my skin came off with it. I found out it was the fabric which was the main cause of me getting such a severe burn. This is the sweater I was wearing(-pictured above) very thin but NYLON.
I spoke with a friend at work who had another experience with  a sweater that had nylon in it. She was wearing it and put her arm over a candle on her table as she was setting it for a holiday. It caught fire, sparked and even singed her hair and eyebrows. She said she felt like a sparkler.
I will never work in the kitchen again with any clothes made of nylon material. Hope you don't either. And if you have small children, read tags as to what is in your childrens clothing.


  1. OH MY!!!!!! That looks horribly paintful! I will be checking clothes tomorrow, thanks!